When do you need a customs broker? 

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There is no obligation or legal requirement to get a licensed customs broker. However, we totally recommend it in some cases. You will find that many importers utilize a customs broker’s services. When a high volume of goods needs to be imported to another country, there can be delays and stuck-ups. If you want to avoid all that, a customs broker can help. 

The question is – do you need a customs broker? When do you need one? Well, we will unravel all of that in this article, so keep reading to find out. 

You Need a Customs Broker Under the Following Circumstances 

Importing goods is very important for importers. If you want to import all the goods successfully, all the correct documents and fee payment is required. 

In case you fail to submit the documents, make calls at the border crossing, and customs office, there’s a chance your shipment or importing procedure will fail. 

Importing goods into Canada can be a little tricky, and importers are not exactly familiar with the customs procedure. Getting import clearance can be difficult with half-baked knowledge. 

You would need a customs broker if your company is responsible for importing high volume and sensitive goods. 

The customs broker will take care of duty drawback services, electronic transfer, automated broker interface, pre-release of shipments, customs surety bonds, remote location filing, and more. 

If your shipment/importing procedure gets stuck or held-back, your company will lose a lot of money and time. Why should you take the risk? 

A customs broker enters the scene and saves the day. They are trained to ensure that your shipment gets cleared at the border. You will find that many businesses face financial loss due to customs clearance concerns. They didn’t get it right the first time. What if they had hired a customs broker? Perhaps they would’ve been at a better position today. 

Hiring a Customs Broker: A Need? 

When you work with a customs broker (a licensed one), there are high chances the import documentation will be filed correctly and you will also reduce the chances of paying a penalty. 

Customs brokers ensure that the imports arrive as safely as they can. And they also file all the paperwork on your behalf. 

The last thing you want is import hurdles, so let Clearit.ca customs brokers take care of the customs clearance process. All you have to do is give them – you can also check the pricing information on the official site. 

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