Considerations for Selecting a New Warehouse Location

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The location of your warehouse has an impact on everything from your capacity to transport items on time to your ability to hire skilled labor. This is true regardless of whether you plan to build, lease, or manage your warehouse in-house or uses a third party. Because of this, you need to choose the site of your warehouse with consideration for all aspects.


The location of your customer is the first thing you should consider when choosing the location of your warehouse for rent Bang Na (โกดังให้เช่า บางนา ตราด, this is the term in Thai). You will probably only need one strategically placed warehouse if that is where the majority of your clients are located. However, having several facilities spread out around the nation in close proximity to important transportation hubs makes sense if your service is available throughout the country. 

The rising expectations of consumers for delivery have made it easier to meet this need and offer faster, more economical shipping if your warehouse, or warehouses, are located close to your customer base. 

Network of suppliers

The location of suppliers should be the following question to ask after identifying the location of your consumer base. When choosing a warehouse, proximity to suppliers should be taken into consideration. This is because being near your suppliers lowers the risk of potential disruptions for items in transit and lowers the cost of carrying inventory and transportation. This is applicable to both local and foreign vendors.

Close to transportation 

Customer expectations for delivery are at an all-time high. Selecting a warehouse site that is close to transportation carrier services is one of the finest methods to maximize client satisfaction. If your principal means of import and export is the ocean, selecting a warehouse location close to a port will help you move more containers in a shorter amount of time and save drayage costs. How close your warehouses must be to parcel hubs should be largely determined by your eCommerce fulfilment requirements. 

Alternatively, you might want to think about which carriers have terminals close to your warehouse if you are on major last-mile delivery services since this can enhance the quality of service you receive. 

If you cannot find a warehouse near an intermodal hub or your main means of transportation, you should search for a location with easy access to major roads for a more direct link. Choose a warehouse location that is as close to suppliers, carriers, and customers as possible. 

Availability and expandability of the building

This one may seem simple, but it is still important to note that if there are no warehouses available, you cannot reach a certain area. Beyond only helping you choose a location right away, building availability might impact your ability to grow your company over time.

If your activities double in a few years and you need more warehouse space to handle your expanding company, the only issue will be the lack of available spaces in a competitive neighborhood. All of this is not intended to discourage you from selecting a warehouse in a market that is competitive; ultimately, you must act in the best interests of your company. On the contrary, it ought to promote considering the wider picture while choosing a warehouse location.

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