Best hairstyles and cuts for round faces – Flattering styles

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Having a round face shape is perfectly lovely, but finding flattering hairstyles can be tricky. Certain cuts and styles tend to widen and accentuate fullness in the cheeks and jawline. Look for angular finishes rather than rounded shapes to counterbalance width.

Long layers

Long, layered hairstyles are incredibly flattering for round faces. The length slims the face while layers remove bulk. Ask your stylist for:

  • Layers that start below the chin and cascade down
  • Face-framing layers around cheekbones to slim
  • Light layers throughout the bottom half of the hair
  • Side-swept bangs to elongate the face

The key is keeping fullness at the bottom and avoiding layers close to the face. Blowout styles with the voluminous body also complement round-face shapes beautifully.

A-line bob

An A-line bob with angled front pieces softly contours round faces. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask for a graduated bob longer in front, just at chin length
  • Angle the front pieces slightly shorter to create a slimming line
  • Style with a side part and tucked behind one ear
  • Add face-framing layers starting at the cheekbone level

The asymmetry and sleek lines of an A-line bob balance out fullness in the cheek and eye area. It slims the jawline for a more oval effect.

Choppy pixie

Short pixie cuts look edgy and modern on round faces when texturized. Go for:

  • Tousled layers cut to a short pixie length
  • Piecey ends created with point cutting for movement
  • Subtle side-swept bangs grazing the eyelashes
  • Lots of choppy texture through the sides

The uneven, spiky effect of a pixie cut slims the face without boxiness. Use hair salon fort lauderdale products to achieve a sexy, chopped texture.

Straight across bangs

Full, blunt bangs diffusing straight across the forehead make round faces appear slimmer. Ask your stylist for:

  • Thick, dense bangs cut straight across
  • Leave them on the longer side, just above the brows
  • Let them air dry or blow them stick straight
  • Pair with shoulder-length hair or longer

The strong horizontal line of straight bangs counterbalances the curved shape of round cheeks and jaw. Be sure to trim them frequently so they don’t lose their framing effect.

Sleek high ponytail

Pulling hair cleanly up into a ponytail helps elongate round face shapes. For best results:

  • Brush hair straight back into a sleek, high ponytail
  • Secure right at the crown of your head or higher
  • Leave no lumps, bumps or wispies
  • Finish with hairspray for polished smoothness

The tightly pulled look lifts facial features for a subtle contouring effect. The center or side parts work equally well. Go for a texture contrast with big, loose curls from mid-length down.

Long lob

A lob (long bob) falling just below the shoulders makes an ideal style for round faces. Ask for:

  • A blunt cut hemmed right at the collarbone
  • An off-center part for asymmetry
  • Face-framing layers kept longer than jaw length
  • One side tucked behind the ear for slenderness

The sharpness of the one-length hem combined with side styling creates the illusion of an oval face shape. Accessorize with statement earrings.

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