How do you get your imports cleared at the customs without any hassle? 

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You would always need a dependable customs broker to import goods. 

What about the documentation? It may seem endless to you at this point, but a customs broker takes care of everything without a sweat. 

There are some laws and regulations to follow so that your cargo does not get held back at the customs. With the skills and experience of a customs broker, you can avoid all the unnecessary delays on imported goods. 

Hiring a licensed broker is important. That’s precisely why you need to be wise and choose a customs broker with experience and skills. 

Companies like Clearit USA are able to provide efficient customs broker services. It will make the importing process easy and hassle-free. 

Here’s an article that highlights the needs and perks of getting a customs brokerage firm onboard. Let’s dive in! 

Experience always counts 

Companies like Clearit have the relevant experience to take care of all the documentation. It saves you from all the hassle. They have been in the industry for years and have also been successful in retaining clients. 

You need an experienced customs broker and not an amateur one who makes false claims. 

The Process is Easy & Hassle-Free

A customs brokerage company like Clearit has a good reputation. The client can upload all the shipment details by logging into an account on the official website. 

The broker will check the documents and ensure that nothing gets missed. The client would need to upload the purchase bill, commercial invoice, packing list, ITN or AES number, shipping reference number, and value of the cargo. 

The Services are Available for Non-Resident and Resident Importers 

Non-resident importers can experience several challenges, but with a customs broker, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

The services are available for both non-residents and residents, so feel free to reach out to the customs brokers at Clearit. 

Enjoy Transparent Pricing Policy 

The prices of customs brokerage are highlighted on the official website of legit companies like Clearit. 

The brokerage fee starts from USD 84.95. The additional import costs are mentioned on the website. Feel free to check out the pricing on

Concluding Thoughts 

Customs brokers can tackle anything and everything that is related to imports. Whether it is direct or indirect, the customs broker at Clearit will find a solution. 

Get a quote or simply skim through the pricing on the official website. They will have the best piece of advice and the actions on ground are quite commendable too. 

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